Phigenics Legionella Testing Program for Value Added Resellers

The Phigenics Legionella Testing Program is aimed at providing water treatment providers, water management consultants, and equipment and service providers with Legionella testing services that are faster, more accurate and more comprehensive than conventional Legionella testing.

At the heart of this program is the Phigenics Validation Test which inoculates Legionella bacteria and total heterotrophic aerobic bacteria immediately onsite using the patented TimeZero test method. This innovative procedure completely eliminates testing inaccuracies due to sample holding time, a significant deficiency with standard Legionella testing services (including the often-used ISO 11731 spread plate method).

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The safety of your customers’ water systems is one of their upmost concerns. When they are ready to validate their water systems, they want to be assured that their Legionella results are accurate and are received timely and efficiently with comprehensive reporting. As an authorized Phigenics VAR you have access to Legionella test services that are the most accurate, fastest and most comprehensive in the industry – allowing you to provide real value to your customers. Click here to apply

Learn more about the Phigenics Validation Test Services as follows:

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How to conduct a Phigenics Validation Test 9:22

Overview of Phigenics Legionella Testing: Why Test? What Test? 21:08

How do Legionella bacteria live and grow in building water systems? 1:45

Where are Legionella bacteria found in building water systems? 1:46

How do Legionella bacteria thrive and survive in building water systems? 4:12

What is lysis and how does it impact the spread of Legionella? 1:26

What is the impact of Legionella bacteria on the human lung? 4:23

Why is Preventing Legionellosis Necessary? 2:27

What does the CDC say about Legionella and legionellosis? 12:30

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